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    In one month, get ready to marvel.
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    10 दिन पहले


    1. A.K TV 2

      Make a avengers endgame tv spot plz......................... marvel please

    2. Snake Plisskin

      Brie Larson is cancer....

      1. C-MC Official

        You're cancer

    3. Saptarshi Banik

      What is the song somebody tell me

      1. ArecKy1

        +Saptarshi Banik You welcome

      2. Saptarshi Banik

        +ArecKy1 thanks man

      3. ArecKy1

        Elastica - Connection

    4. Key W

      i'm already in love with her, i can't wait to see this. i hope they use lots of women led 90s jams like connection in the soundtrack (le tigre, maybe?)

    5. Фёдор Плотников


    6. FQRoy NCHO


    7. P.mac


    8. cynical ape

      Word has it that white guys are prohibited from seeing this film, so I'll take my money elsewhere!

      1. cynical ape

        +Ad Luck Not in those words but she sure as hell doesn't care for men's opinion so I'll save my money for Shazam the original Captain Marvel!

      2. Ad Luck

        cynical ape she didn’t even said that

      3. comics-movie studios

        You've been baited by stupid articles. She hasn't ever said that

    9. Xebys

      A Star Wars Story: TFA(2B$)-with female protagonist *TOP GROSSER 2015* R1(1B$)-with female protagonist *2ND TOP GROSSER 2016* TLJ (1.3B$)-with female protagonist *TOP GROSSER 2017* Solo(390M$)-with male protagonist *ONE OF THE BIGGEST FLOP IN HISTORY*

    10. Lomax0506

      Opening weekend has already been downgraded 29% 😆 Disney are starting to panic...GET WOKE GO BROKE

    11. Lomax0506

      Why is Brie Larson so unlikeable?

    12. CreativeNick

      0:12 When all the comments start with 0:12

    13. allyson giler


    14. SPS Swanny

      She actually has a personality

    15. 1000subscribers Without any video

      Your IQ👇 Read more

    16. powerist

      0:09- Skrull Kill Krew, anyone?

    17. Awang satria wicaksono

      Yeyy March 8 fits my birthday

    18. David DiChiara

      Just thought I would let you know Ill be skipping this movie and any other subsequent movies not named Avengers Endgame containing Brie Larson due to her constant racist and anti-male remarks.

      1. C-MC Official

        you know that Brie Larson is in Endgame right ??? I'm guessing you'll skip that too... whatever dumbass you won't be missed

      2. David DiChiara

        +Mie R Chris Evan's doesnt talk about "the Patriarchy" in press tour interviews.

      3. David DiChiara

        +Mie R Nice Essay. Too bad your wrong. Film critics are meaningless nowadays I mean TLJ actually got good reviews from critics. Most people turn to IN-news for movie and game reviews. Plenty of people of all colors on IN-news so you can find someone who looks just like you and has the same opinion so you can continue to feel good about yourself.

      4. Mie R

        +David DiChiara Lol. She wants more diversity when it comes to critics, as do most people, because contrary to popular belief having 95% of critics be white men is not the result of white men having more talent or knowledge of movies, it's the result of critics circles being a boy's club and a very difficult field to break into for people who are unconnected. A greater diversity in critics would lead to a greater diversity in opinions as well, which is something most people want. You really have strong confirmation bias if you try to read this as someone having anti-male and anti-white opinions. I mean, what? Talk about having a victim complex.

      5. Mie R

        +O K Some people are mad because she's socially progressive and politically active and hate her for her opinions, while at the same time have no issues with actors like Chris Evans who literally has the same options as her and is even more active on social media. I wonder why...

    19. indri antara

      wohoooo march!

    20. Incognitus

      I'm a fan of Marvel and I do not care...

    21. rislaine alves

      The movie didn't come out yet and almost every hate I've read about this movie are from men... And you all call women sensitive lol

      1. O K

        Xebys what?

      2. Xebys

        +O K how in world are women going to be man-babies?!? there's a reason they're called *Man*-babies

      3. O K

        I’ve seen plenty of women “hating” on this movie. And most of what I’ve seen has nothing to do with gender at all.

    22. Mr Blue



      Seems like nick had a great days with her

    24. clonK

      Brie Larson is a feminazi. Bad choice Marvel.


      Essa ai e que e mas forte que o thanos rum sei não tenho minhas dúvidas

    26. jonas smith

      Gigga what that what we talking about hamburger man

    27. alenak

      Do people not realize carol danvers is a very serious character?? Brie is just acting the part.

    28. Jonrob

      Fun isn’t something one considers when watching a Captain Marvel clip But this Does put a smile on my face

    29. Captain America

      Carol, Mar-vell and other marvel's Captain Marvel are better and only true Captain Marvel than shazam for me. Marvel is better than dc for me

    30. HoityToityBadger

      " Cuz we're c o n n e c t e d "

    31. Gerhard Rost.

      Why is everyone hating on Brie Larson as Captain Marvel? Yeah, some of her lines are kinda eh, but I can definitely see her doing a decent or good job in the movie.

      1. Mie R

        They don't like the fact that she has political and social opinions, while at the same time ignoring the fact that Chris Evans have basically the same political and social opinions. It's pure hypocrisy.

    32. 970954894NG09

      Mcu garbage!

      1. Xebys

        that NAME is made for trolling

    33. CaptainKangaRat

      Some people couldn't care less about this film, and we do, too.

    34. Michael Petrovich

      As i white dude i am boycotting everything that has to do with white mans hating Miss Larson. Put a leash on her and tellher to apologize then maybe I will change my mind and pay to watch the movie. Remember what we fans did to Star Wars, Don't make the same mistake as Mrs Kennedy

      1. Xebys

        this is what you did to Star Wars: TFA(2B$)-with female protagonist *TOP GROSSER 2015* R1(1B$)-with female protagonist *2ND TOP GROSSER 2016* TLJ(1.3B$)-with female protagonist *TOP GROSSER 2017* Solo(390M$)-with male protagonist *ONE OF THE BIGGEST FLOP IN HISTORY*

    35. Manish Komatineni

      We know that captain marvel can get

    36. AVe

      Пока что это выглядит уныло. На дворе уже не 00-е... :))

    37. Dr Downtime

      I hope she’s doesn’t kill thanos. It would be the worst thing to happen in movie history.

      1. O K


    38. M J Grasscutter

      Who is Samuel playing here? Because it's not Fury at all. Had to dislike, sorry. For proof just compare Jackson treating Spiderman to Marvel here. Point made.

      1. O K

        He’s playing a much younger nick fury, he probably wasn’t as somber in his youth as he is in present day

      2. ArecKy1

        Srsly? ... use Google search...

    39. Markus St'Clair

      Dead on arrival.

    40. GrimMetal Will

      Me trying to get my ticket for this 0:12

    41. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

      Expectation: other trailers and tv spots Reality: 0:12

    42. Jerry Boyz

      DCEU > MCU come at my fangirls

    43. T Cordliss

      Got our tickets already. Gonna be awesome

    44. Aaron Wilson

      I don't get the "Nope, I'm only into End Game" arguments from some people here. You know you actually go to two movies and enjoy them. Unless you only allow yourself to go to ONE movie a year, which, if that's the case, I feel bad for you.

      1. Tommy Boman

        I rather see this than Endgame. Each to his own. I will however see both, and I do think that Captain Marvel will be a most just as Black Panther was before Infinity War.

      2. RedfurredPikachu

        What makes that even more stupid is that in order for Endgame to hit 2 billion. Captain Marvel NEEDS to do well. That way the hype is at a fever pitch like it was last year. By not at leadt giving captsin Marvel a chance they’d literally sabotage Endgame.

    45. GT

      who wanna bet me she's gonna be a lesbian and the media is gonna give the film stupidly high praises because of it?

    46. steve blow

      Ugly character design

    47. cary bary

      Empty cinema seats time

    48. Onaterdem

      0:12 Just sold the movie to me. Okay. My prejudice is gone. I like this.



    50. R Monroe


    51. Rodrigo Gomes

      Amazing amazing amazing, can't wait to see her fighting side by side with Thor in endgame

    52. Robert Dennys

      Agreed: That's what I'm TALKING about! This is what I want the bulk of the movie to be. Is this the director team's style surfacing through the MCU house style? Please let it be so

    53. Lady Holmes


    54. Nate CAR

      0:12 When NPC sees MAGA HAT...

    55. Arwen Baranda

      0:12 when someone spoil the movie

    56. Chatao Lauj

      That scream was pretty funny. Lol.

    57. kasF

      This is the best look at this movie I've seen so far. I loved that first trailer, but nothing else until this spot got me hyped. Can't wait to see this movie.

      1. C-MC Official

        see, real fans get hyped from the first trailer.. you're clearly not a real fan

    58. Qui_Gon12 Minecraft/other games

      "You know you're glowing right?"

    59. Shakil Ahmad

      Now people are really hyped for this movie

    60. muffinproskiilz _

      ok fine ill see this film for 0:12

    61. Subi_fan

      Yup,. im still skipping this one and saving my shekels for End Game.

    62. Jula Mátyás

      she is a superwoman but she can't even beat wrinkles...


      Thor vs Frost Giants (Part 1) | Thor (2011) Movie Clip 1:53


      00:12 Flashbacks to the first Thor when he's fighting Frost Giants on Jotunheim

    65. CSWRB

      Still hate it. I'd rather see Thanos win and destroy the whole universe than this Capt pain in the a$$ .

    66. Nykeria Harper

      0:12 better be in the movie

    67. Kirbae

      This esp 0:12 is why i had patience for this movie bcuz i knew it couldn't be how bad ppl were making it out to be

    68. Xebys

      0:12 when you're a hater and thought you're the majority but found out you're just a noisy minority

      1. Tommy Boman

        Very small minority. Usually bots.

      2. C-MC Official

        lol facts

    69. Obinna Cadmus Kalu

      I really feel people are being needlessly nitpicky about this. Carol Danvers faced sequel discrimination when she pushed into a career that, at the time, was kind of a boys only club. It'd her frigging back story, and part of what made her who she is. Yes, Carol Danvers has feminist in her. Why does that have to be a bad thing? Feminism isn't bad. Just when it goes overboard. And nothing about any of the trailers or promos seem overboard to me.

      1. C-MC Official


      2. Rocket & Groot


    70. Vlatko Nedelkovski

      A dumpsterfire...

    71. Jchengcc

      Describing power as binary seems odd, since one can quantify power with more than 1 and 0. Power should be Non Binary.

      1. Tommy Boman

        Perhaps look up the concept before uttering wrong things? :) Hint; its about stars.

    72. My dick is extremely tiny but

      I'm having a crush on Brie omg

    73. Asif Ali

      I need 1k like plz😊 👇

    74. Chase


    75. Eurobeat Lover Sky

      I can't stop replaying 0:12 hahahahaha. Hilarious and adorable!

    76. Geek Beat

      Finally the trailers for this are good.

    77. Chirpy n Sleepy

      See! This is a good trailer. The first two were generic as hell, this has identity.

    78. Saurav Choudhary

      Some people are not excited for Captain Marvel But not us.. not us..

    79. Shubham Shekhawat

      0:12 when someone touches my cake

    80. HeyCrabman14

      Finally!!! She breaks down & shows us some emotion !!!

      1. C-MC Official

        she shows emotion in every trailer you're just too blind to see it

    81. Lewis X- Z

      Each trailer slowly shows her expressing more character and emotion. This is finally good

    82. Big Man

      I guess...she is the Captain now.

    83. Mani Mani

      0:12 that's what I do when someone says Dc is better than Marvel.

    84. Dhillon Matharu


    85. SteamedHams Booiii


    86. Sumedha Sharma

      Oh man ... The way she screams back at the skrull.... Just makes me wanna see this more..

    87. Rohit Upadhyay

      Finally.... someone is there who can compete with black widow ( in term of action)

    88. Lagnajita Mohanty

      That scream was the best😂😂

    89. King Bowser

      (Full trailer) When you have a hard time taking this movie serious -.-

    90. ezio the best

      This one is better than those trailers!!!!

    91. Zech Merquise

      People don’t seem to understand the point.. 1. No emotions. We want emotions! 2. New clips shows emotions 3. Why fans still dont like it? 4. Emotions suck. Just because fan requests are delivered doesn’t mean it was delivered well.

    92. Itsyaboi Thanos

      0:12 when you put too much hot sauce on your chicken wings

    93. Master Julez

      Why is she so fat and shapeless?

    94. Venom

      why PG - 13?!!!!

      1. C-MC Official

        every MCU movie is PG-13 why does this have to be any different lol ?

    95. fantastic four


    96. Mannu Sharma

      We are watching captain marvel movie to get some clue about end game.

      1. C-MC Official

        *wrong* we are watching captain marvel because we want to understand the character and her backstory, some dope action and then the clues about endgame

    97. Clash with praj

      lol.... still punching that granny!

    98. Nikhil Ladha

      Due to exams right i am not able to wathc captain marvel

    99. Pappu plays Pubg

      I'm here to read comments on 0.12 ,who all r with me???

    100. muP8085

      Is anyone else not at all excited abouth this movie and straight away wants to watch endgame??

      1. C-MC Official

        *only you* I'm excited for Captain Marvel herself

      2. Rocket & Groot

        Im eager to see CM