Mere Pyare Prime Minister | Official Trailer | Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra | March 15th

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    8 year old Kanhu living in a slum of Mumbai, writes a letter to the Prime Minister after an ugly incident happens with his mother. Will the Prime Minister meet him?
    Find out in cinemas on 15th March, 2019
    Mere Pyare Prime Minister:
    Dr. Jayantilal Gada (pen) & PVR Cinemas Present
    A Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures & Aham Brahmasmi Production
    Directed by: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

    Produced by: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Arpit Vyas, Saloni Vyas, P.S.Bharathi, Rajiv Tandon, Dhaval Jayantilal Gada, Aksshay Jayantilal Gada.
    Cast:Anjali Patil, Om Kanojiya & Niteesh Wadhwa
    #MerePyarePMTrailer #MerePyarePrimeMinister

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      1:50 arijit singh song 😍😍

    2. Rahul Bhriguvanshi

      Wo jo badi badi building hoti hai n.. usme dhote nhi hai.. pochhte hai... 😁😁

    3. Sehmat

      Disliked it, because indian men are Rapistsstuds and Pedophiles.

    4. Sehmat

      Reality of indian men , are Rapistsstuds and Pedophiles 💯.

    5. Ahmed Joshim Joy

      Lust stories movie upload

    6. Dhirani Dharmik

      Waiting for Arijit Singh's song featured in this film

    7. Shaatir music

      Dhaansooo story line



    9. Kanchan Academy

      Any want to see full movie reply me

    10. Austin Austin

      Super trailer..hye guys pls watch this teaserवीडियो-f2gDGCXLLfY.html..I need ur support ..tq

    11. Shivu Don

      Nobody loves him,trailer is waste & movie too.

    12. pakistani boy


    13. blue bubble water park

      Please release song of Arijit

    14. harsh chaurasiya

      sala ye to deshdrohi movie hai

    15. Mr. TechnoTube

      New youtuber need help

    16. Pradeep Ravi

      Wo Kaha Milenge Mr System 🤣🤣🤣


      Why the neme is Kanhu is he the relative of kanhaiya

    18. Vipin Pardhan

      I'm waiting

    19. Biswajit Sengupta


    20. Sanket Kachare

      love for indian army click here #SRSProduction

    21. MUKUL VATS

      Please provide with English subtitles please

    22. spread the knowledge save the nature

      Movie which I can't miss...

    23. Words Rebellion

      Hope to hear some original songs as well 🙏 the trailer looks really good!

    24. Abhishek K

      This should go for Oscars

    25. Ruby Verma

      Superb 💕💕💕

    26. Like Video

      Super 👍👍

    27. M JUNAID Ahmed

      Trailer is amazing


      Yani ki movie mein bhi khud ki barai Aur Gandhiji ke sar par tatti Log satta mein aney ke liye kitna gir sakte hain, “This man is mad with lust for power” -Game of Thrones

    29. Deepika Padukone FanZone

      great efforts

    30. Siddhartha Suman

      waah... rashtrapati bhawan mai prime minister ko khojne gye hai bacche.. thori sense waali video bna lete..

    31. Vivek Kumar

      Kya acting ki h bachho ne

    32. dhrubo ari

      National award to iske Nam pe likhle Ye dekhna Baki hai Oscar ko jit payegi or nahi

    33. all about narendra modi

      Mast move hoge

    34. Amresh Yadav Arya


    35. abinash kumar

      Can't wait till 15 th March ❤️Movie seems amazing

    36. Abhi Jith

      1:23 bgm😍

    37. rahul mzd55

      Ye Kya tatti bana diye be Lenda hai lenda Woh bhi sookha

    38. Naim Deen


    39. md Bharat

      Ek aour film bna diya bjp balo ne

    40. Neha Kumari

      Wait for it

    41. Kunal Joshi


    42. vinita datwani

      ialso write him aapki maa ko koi torture karta aapko kesa lgta mei aged persons par loan chahti thi jo mei pay kar sakti thi but muje nhi mila bhutt pareshan thi but 1/1₹ jodkar jese hi kaam hua papa passes away... who is responsible for his death our bloody system ihate indian law spit on it.

    43. Wasseypur Dhanbad Talkies

      Osm trailer

    44. Vrushabh Bhavsar

      Laude jesa movie he ye jisne bhi bnaya wo mre sala madrchod

    45. Aditya Sanjeev

      Do they really have to spit on hinduism by shouting at the idols? Why don't they make the boy convert to islam in the movie it will be even better.

    46. Narayan Sahu

      Anjali patil... After chakravyooh movie..I am big fan...

    47. Billla billa


    48. Utkarsh Tripathi

      Nice plot...👍👍story is osme

    49. Akhil Jain

      #SavemySister My Friend Siddharth's sister Khushboo, a 15 year old girl who is fighting for justice, Wants our support now the criminals having a strong contact with other criminals and police in Morena , Madhya Pradesh. Siddharth and his family needs our help. Please help them by retweeting.

    50. tarun yadav

      Super sir .😍😍. Super hit pakka ..!!😮😮

    51. Aradhana Bharti

      Curious to watch the full one......Trailor is very promising.

    52. Technical Guruji


    53. Mukul Amazon

      Gandhi couldn't save his own butt. How in the world is he going to save yours. Get over Congress propaganda and grow up. Appeasing Muslims at the expense of poor Hindus must be stopped. Otherwise India will become just like any other failed country.

    54. kushagra and aastha

      Madi is best 👍💯

    55. fake services

      osm hit like

    56. prabhat mishra

      Kon kon pulwama attact ke baad ye trailer dekh raha hai ???????

    57. Beekesh Gautam

      हमार वीदियो देख लो भाईओ नीचे दी हुई हरी लाइन को क्लिक करों प्लिज् Place Support me bhaio 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇वीडियो--oGd4Z0AQnk.html


      Ek bar mai bhi pm bnna chahtahun

    59. Vikas Raghav

      Kya bakwaas film h bhanchod

    60. Neeraj C


    61. Sna Lizz


    62. Jeetu Kashyap

      Mere pyare prime minister, modi ji.... Is that's right? 😇

    63. abhishek mishra

      Amazing trailer i am loving it

    64. Amit Sirohi

      Please like for mere pyare prime minister

    65. kajal pandey

      Best movie in childhood very interested but so glad feel in mothers

    66. Ajinkya Gorivale

      Seriously now Bollywood is literally coming with some beautifully good films yaar. Some good content is coming every month. It's a good sign for a movie lover and even for a amateur makers to expand their horizon. Audience is ready now for all this. And shitty love stories gonna RIP

    67. SJ TV 2.5M Views

      Who all are thought that this movie is on PM Modi. If agreed like the comment section

    68. All In one

      Ye song konsi movie ka he 👉👉👉वीडियो-NDUZ9bbsQHI.html

    69. DP Ki Duniya

      I love these type of movies. May be one I will make these types of movies .

    70. Ravindra Kumar Sinha


    71. Anupam Khatua

      Vote for BJP

    72. P.caret G

      gajab yrr.. solid theme h


      Nice video #AADIWASIJAGRAN

    74. ARUN KUMAR


    75. Shtaksh Bhardwaj

      Gjb ka content h boss

    76. Doraemon TV Official

      Mere Pyare फेंकू PM

    77. KurFaat Records

      Epic 😍😍 #kurfaat

    78. a. r.

      Movie acchi hogi

    79. jitender yadav

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    80. Saumya Raichand

      This is so beautiful 👌❤

    81. Zinther Z

      I am sure this movie will be good, but i am also sure very few people would go to watch this. People don't give a f*ck either a movie is good or not, it should be funny, people like bright movies not serious dark movies. We need to change people's perception before trying to change Bollywood.


        Zinther Z entertainment is an escape from reality, a mode of lightening up, rather than plunging into one, we imbibe reality into movies & novels whilst our real lives are being rendered fake. Modern day irony!!!

    82. Tech class with Nirmal jajra

      Based on Modi! RIGHT???

    83. Vishal Yadav


    84. Vishal Yadav

      jay bhagwan ji

    85. Sarfaraz Ahmed

      *Vo bss mnn ki baat bolte h...😂bolte orr pdte nhi h*

    86. Mohid Mansuri

      PM to chootiya hai apna

    87. pragyan chetia

      Swiggy ki ma ki aankh 😒

    88. Status Ka Baap


    89. MH 01

      Pyare *P.M* Hahahah😁😂 Desh Ka Watola Laga K Baitha Hai Or Pyare Prime Minister 😏

    90. rahul maisuriya

      Something that bollywood really needed .. something different which shows true state of India .

    91. Cricket Fever

      1:34 awesome chotu😁

    92. Avinash Aanand


    93. Gursirjan Singh

      Ki faida aisi movies bnanne kaa india rhega to waisa hii jab tak ye corrupt politicians hai is desh mei

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