You're So Immature! *VALENTINE'S DAY*



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    Get Ready For Valentine's Day with These Awesome Relationship Tips! 🥰

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    1. T Rich

      Can I smell your feet

    2. T Rich

      Kiss me to

    3. Emily 332

      the laugh in 2:57 lmao 😂

    4. Jazlyn Robinson

      This really is the best one😁😁

    5. Hayden Walter

      i want luarex back :( i want lauren

    6. Cloe Stone

      Did you notice it wasn’t a 1 dollar bill that Alex gave his brother it was a 100 dollar bill 😂😂😂

    7. Kayleigh Donn

      YAAYYYY ITS BACK 😻😻😻🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. RandomRodio Girl

      Is this Alex’s new girlfriend ??

    9. Bailey Gensler

      ❤ So cute. I am going to come back to this video every Valentine's day. And this is one of the funny parts... Aaron : I can take care of all your girl problems for a price. Alex: how much Aaron: 1 dollar Alex: "sighs"

    10. Reyna Martinez

      I love the voices in here you did a good job. Plus that girl I ship Alex and her. But luv you vids Alex

    11. Dakota Strong

      That one dollar is a 100 dollar smh

    12. Jaydahusky !

      Girl-Do you think i'm pretty? Boy-NO Girl-Do you want to be with me forever? Boy-NO Girl-Do you even like me? Boy-NO Girl-Would you cry if I walked away? Boy-NO She heard enough and walked away. he grabbed her arm Boy- Your not pretty, your beautiful i don't want to be with you forever, i NEED to be with you forever. I don't like you i love you💖 I wouldn't cry if you walked away I would die if you walked away.... Promise you'll stay with me forever? Girl-For ever and ever! 💖 (Kiss)

    13. Chloe Girard

      This was sooo adorable

    14. Egshiglen Baljaa

      Who misses Laurex❤️

    15. Joshua Ismail

      She sucks

    16. adria carper

      Nooooooooooo i miss lauren

    17. Lainey Carden

      I ship

    18. The World


    19. Lea Marie


      1. Joedhel Ysalina


    20. sabeen shahzad


    21. Hannah bananas Gucci channel

      *Single Pringles no just me?*

    22. Vivace Bourne

      I'm not giving up on laurex but they are so friggin cute... Maybe it's the voices

    23. Kirsten Renee Gobenciong


    24. Allison Leiva

      OMG yassssssss

    25. GoldfishXGoldfish

      Who misses laurex?

    26. Derpy Acts

      Is This Your Girlfriend!?!? Is It True Molly!?!? (I ship) (I ship) (I ship) It’s So Cute!

    27. Capricow the Unicorn

      This is adorable!

    28. Michelle Leigh

      Aw OMG this was absolutely adorable! love the voiceovers and the whole storyline!

    29. Zion L

      new girl

    30. Thegirlyou Knowww

      Omg this one was my favorite one of all time the end tho ❤️‼️when he said I just did 😫😫😫I just want that 😪😪

    31. Verina Medina

      wait so now 1 dollar =100 dollars

    32. Ronald Acnam

      Can you tell me how u did those voices

    33. Kitty Brat

      omg he gave his brother a 100 100 problems

    34. Briana Hall

      We love a good throwback 😂💕

    35. hana workneh

      That vid should be a cartoon! Alex is Mallie (hope I spelled it right) ur girlfriend?! :O

    36. ceanni santiago


    37. Mauricio Martinez

      The ones with roi were better

    38. Angelia Deska

      3:17 😂

    39. Alexis M.

      Why was the ending so cuteee♥️

    40. Toya White

      Hi boy👔👔👞

    41. D.A.S.H_ Kinetic3045

      Is this Alex new gf

    42. Alexis M.

      The voice they gave Aaron 😂😂😂

    43. elisolis69

      The end was so so cute ❤❤❤❤

    44. Elizabeth Lara

      I ship them

    45. maroli almanza

      And I know you miss her and her stuffies

    46. maroli almanza

      I hate the new girl luardiy is better

      1. Alessandra Caceres 112

        I hate you :). and I have a wonderful reason why so shut your mouth and enjoy. 1.they broke up 4 month ago so deal with it. 2. you just hate a girl because he was in Alex's video 3. no one is better then the other person 4. don't hate on me because I love Lauren but I know that you are not a true fan because right now you are not supporting their choice

    47. Al Y

      Omg so funny

    48. Mei Li

      Awww this video is so cute!🤗

    49. Janina Rychel

      Soooo cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻😻😻😻

    50. Itz Unicorn Reacts

      3:57 😂 I was dying

    51. editsbyrebecca

      “tell her how you feel” “im hungry”

    52. David Bishop

      Did anyone know that the one dollar Bill's are 100 dollars

    53. sis vs sis fam Snyder

      That is so funny

    54. Emily Barrios.24

      Alex: gives 100 dollars Me: DAMN YOU DONT NEED TO FLEX ON US

    55. Shy Fawn


    56. Snatched

      3:41 "I want my 3 dollars back!" *puts up 4 fingers*

    57. Angela Wu

      I hate your new girlfriend and I hate you 🖕👎😡I HATE ...U........!!!!!!!! Booboooooolhatealexw......poo

    58. lil disney

      So cute the end girl :ya but don’t ask me ask your valentine Alex:I just did

    59. Butterz

      *Shes so bootiful*

    60. Butterz

      She looks so much older than you....I bet she’s not tho

    61. Presley Silvers

      Aww this was so cute


      *b o o t i f u l*

    63. Lizzy nothing

      Oh so your dating her now 😢 what about laurax

      1. Alessandra Caceres 112

        okay first just because a different girl other then Lauren is on his channel does not mean they are dating and if they are then respect that and be a true fan

    64. Indra Erka

      Aron: I got another idea Alex: I’m listening Aron:... Alex: another dollar?? *Gives Aron another 100 dollar*

    65. HeyIts Festina

      Awwww 🥰 this was so cute 😍😍🥰

    66. Diva's World

      Lol sooooo cute!!!

    67. Leslie Cedeno


    68. Lucy Hirst

      I love you alex but i wish the girl was luaren, sorry.

    69. Brooke Nguyen

      The next time when you do these videos, can you do one with the Merrell twins?!

    70. Rose Playz

      The voices are so cute 😊😊😊😊😊

    71. Christa Zavaglia

      Who does the kid voices?

    72. Verenice Camargo


    73. Verenice Camargo

      I hate you and your girlfriend too

    74. Chloe Kim

      Everyone stop shipping those two

    75. Charlie kelly


    76. Edwin Wong

      Did anybody notice at the end when Alex said I want my 3 dollars back he held 4 fingers up at 3:43

    77. Jada TV

      He gave him a 100 dollar bill...

    78. Jada TV


    79. Baby Dino the Stuffie

      Expectation of someone to ask to be ur val Expectation: The ending of ursoimmature Reality: ...

    80. DeadAnimations9

      Wait you and Rachel broke up!

    81. Jun-mei Christensen

      *Realizes she has a wedding ring on*

    82. Brahim El ghiouane

      Hey Alex your videos Are Super good can you please do more videos

    83. Rubi Duran

      that was so cute

    84. Niki Rose

      "Didn't work booger brain" -Alex Wassabie 2019

    85. Niki Rose

      "Didn't work booger brain" -Alex Wassabie 2019

    86. The Grim show

      He gave three dollars but puts up four fingers

    87. Potato Funky

      “Didn’t work bugger brain” 😂😹🤣🤪

    88. Levi Shadow

      When will you and Lauren get back to get her TwT😥

      1. Alessandra Caceres 112

        they aren't deal with it. I miss Laurex just as much as you do but they have moved on and when people break up sometimes they can be just friends.

    89. Sebastian bails Fan FOREVER

      Nooo they Kissed 😭

    90. Sebastian bails Fan FOREVER


    91. Courtney Pollock

      This was the most adorable thing ever!!

    92. kaseys Videos

      I hate her I want laurdiyyyy to come back

      1. Alessandra Caceres 112

        I hate you at the moment because they broke up 4 months ago and they have moved on .. but I see someones not IMMATURE enough to accept that

    93. Xx Gacha_Radish xX


    94. Mika Nur Aleeya

      OMG sooooo cute

    95. Will Mahorney

      Dude that was probably the best you’re so immature ever!!! And with the new cast and the new voices and everything!!!!!!!!!

    96. Pan Pan


    97. My name Jeff

      I love this so much it’s funny and so cute. ❤️❤️

    98. Darcy Nguyen

      Lol! I Love all of it!😂😍

    99. Itzᴊᴇssɪᴍɪɴ지민

      I love this so much

    100. Itzᴊᴇssɪᴍɪɴ지민

      "This better work or i want my three dollars back!" **puts out 4 fingers**